Anonymous props and prop references

Anonymous props

If no name is passed to any of the select methods when defining a prop, an internal id will be used as the prop’s name.
Most of the time you should give a name to your props. This makes it easier to reference them later by their name.
An anonymous prop might be better though if the prop is only going to be used as a parent (with from() or chaining).

Getting and using a prop’s reference

All select methods return a prop object which can be used instead of the string name of a prop

const mainSection = ayakashi
        id: {
            eq: "main"

The variable mainSection can be used instead of the string name "mainSection" in any action or extraction.
This is especially useful for anonymous props since they don’t have a recognizable string name.

We can also get a prop reference at any point by using its string name

const mainSection = ayakashi.prop("mainSection");

The prop() method can also be used to check if a prop actually exists and is valid since it will return null if not.