Persistent Sessions

How sessions work

Ayakashi by default uses a different session for each pipeline step.
Sessions are little containers of data and settings and do not leak to the rest of the pipeline.

Session data

Each session includes the following:

  • a chromium context (with its cookies, localstorage, caches etc)
  • a cookie jar
  • scraper settings (like userAgents and other options)

Using a persistent session

Sometimes, sharing these values across the whole pipeline is useful.
You can enable this option by setting the persistentSession flag in your project’s ayakashi.config.js file:

module.exports = {
    config: {
        persistentSession: true
    //... the rest of the file

Shared data

If persistentSession is enabled the following data will be shared:

  • the userAgent and other platform settings will be shared and be the same in every pipeline step.
  • all cookies will be synced to every step. All page loads and http requests will use the same set of cookies.
  • chromium will not use a new context for each step (like what happens in a standard non-incognito user session)