CLI commands and options

Complete reference of all the CLI commands and their options.
Can be also viewed in your console by running ayakashi --help or by appending --help after any command.


Runs a project.

Option Description Default
dir The root directory of a project or a scraper file when --simple mode is used . (current directory)

Run arguments

Option Description Default
--configFile or -c Use an alternative configFile ayakashi.config.js
--jsonConfig or -jc Use a json string as config  
--sessionKey Use a specific run session default
--simple Run a single scraper false
--simpleRenderless Run a single renderlessScraper false
--simpleApi Run a single apiScraper false
--out Select the saving format when --simple mode is used. Available formats: sqlite, csv, json, stdout stdout
--resume Resume execution of a previous unfinished run false
--restartDisabledSteps Will restart all steps that terminated due to an error. Only works when --resume is used false
--clean Clear the previous run if it exists and start from the beginning false


ayakashi run
ayakashi run ./myProject
ayakashi run --configFile=otherConfig.js ./myProject
ayakashi run --simple ./myProject/myScraper.js --out=json
ayakashi run --configFile alternative_config.js
ayakashi run --jsonConfig '{"config":{},"waterfall":[{"type":"apiScraper","module":"myScraper"}]}'
ayakashi run ./myProject --resume --sesionKey my_session


Generates a new project|scraper|renderlessScraper|apiScraper|script|prop|action|extractor|preloader.

Option Description Default
dir Where to place the generated files . (current directory)


ayakashi new
ayakashi new ./existingFolder
ayakashi new --extractor --name=myExtractor
ayakashi new --renderlessScraper --name=myScraper

If --name is omitted, an interactive prompt will be shown to enter the name:

ayakashi new --preloader
# Enter a name for the new preloader:


Updates/Downloads the latest chromium revision.


ayakashi update-chrome


Downloads the latest chromium revision if one is not already installed.


ayakashi get-chrome


Show the installed Ayakashi version and chromium revision.


ayakashi info